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165cm D-Cup


This product have high quality standard in the industries.
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You can built this doll with Wig style, Skin colour, Eyes colour, Nails colour, and many other options to your choice.
Also we offer discretion packaging.


Height: 165cm
Weight: 37kg
Cup: D-cup
Upper breast: 88cm
Under breast: 65cm
Waist: 55cm
Hip: 88cm
Arm: 48cm
Plam: 19cm
Leg: 84cm
Mouth: 12cm
Vagina: 19cm
Anus: 17cm

Package size : 153x40x30cm
Packing weight: 45KG


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 Wigs choice
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Eyes colour :

Black Tanned Light Tan


Skin colour :

Black Burgundy French white Pink Red White
Nails colour :

Neutral Pink Light brown Dark brown
Nipples colour :  
Note: Vagina colour will be the same as Areola nipples
2cm 3.5cm 5cm 7cm
Nipples size :
Removable vagina Fix Vagina
   Vagina option :

      Foot option :

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